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Standard ignition switch keys

The best ignition switch keys are here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need quality products made by the best technicians in the industry. We already know what you have been looking for and we will surely make it available for you. Quality ignition keys can only be found from a company that has invested a lot in doing the required research for great product development. You can visit Best Locksmith in Portland for high quality products that beef up the security of your property.

Sally Lock Express

Install Master Key Systems Tasks Can Be Approached In Efficient Manner

You need a different key for all the rooms in a house. We tell you to throw the specific keys away or store them in a locker. How will you access the rooms? There is a way which we can recommend. It will change everything for you. Install master key systems service has to be the answer to your question. Master key system within a residential building has lots of benefits to offer. Sally Lock Express is providing convenient solutions to the people.

Car Locksmith Portland

Get your duplicate car keys made by us

If there is a need for getting car keys made, you have to be careful about getting the keys made by the right people. You may need car keys made for various reasons. You might have lost the originals or you may have different people using a car, each having his own set of keys. There may be more serious situations like the car lock being damaged requiring new keys made. For any of these situations, contact Car Locksmith Portland. We will make keys that will be as good as the originals.

Radio Dispatched Mobile Locksmiths

Radio-Dispatched Mobile Locksmith Services Can Be Hired All The Time

Our business operations are performed with the usage of radio-dispatched vans. These mobile vans are located in different areas of the city. It allows us to stay nearby the customer location regardless of where the customer is located. Our staff is able to reach at your location within minimal time frame. Radio dispatched services are hirable 24 hours around the clock.

Some of our Services

Evenings Service Has Produced Great Response From Customers

Some Customer Stories

I had this really awful unofficial room mate. He was dirty and loud and inconsiderate of my space. One day when he was at work I called the locksmith. I had him change the locks on the doors and make new keys for me. The service was discrete and fast. The locksmith was right on time. Everything went according to plan and I was able to get rid of the extra space keeper with little fuss because the excellent service that I received. The locks also were better than the previous locks. I gained extra security and lost the extra baggage.

Who can I get to fix a lock on my old piano?

A good locksmith company provides a wide range of services, including repairs of old locks that have long stopped being made. While security systems have come a long way since the days of skeleton keys and cast iron latches, many people, including antique dealers, collectors, and people who simply want to preserves something old and cherished, still have a need for servicing old locks. In order to maintain the value of an antique item, such as a jewelry box, a tweed suitcase, or roll top desk, it is essential that the lock on it is still fully functional.

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