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Having a backup is crucial. Nobody wants to be locked outside his/her car or house, especially in the middle of the night. But you might face such a situation in your life. In the past, we have dealt with many people who were frustrated due to their lockout situation because they did not have a back up. Save our contact number in your cell phone so that you could give us a call when you face a lockout situation. Sally Lock Express Eage Creed OR rescue you within half hour only.

Locksmith in Eagle Creek OR Magnetic Locks Can Be Used On Patio Doors

There is a specific lock for every door in the world. For patio doors, My Locksmith Portland in Eagle Creek OR recommend you to purchase and install magnetic locks. Fail safe and fail secure are the two types of magnetic locks manufactured by our engineers. All you need to do is to visit us in order to find out more about these locks as our staff will guide you about their mechanism, functioning and usage. We can also provide magnetic locks installation service if requested by you.

Locksmith Eagle Creek OR Mobile Home Locks Provide Plenty Of Usage Options

It is the era of high tech devices. The one thing which high tech devices have delivered us is “convenience”. Sally Lock Express Eagle Creek OR mobile home locks are high tech lock devices. These locks do not require the services of a professional locksmith to be installed or removed from a particular door. Purchase one of our high tech mobile home locks. When you visit us, our staff will provide detailed info regarding the functioning, mechanism and usage of these locks. We will also help you learn how to install or remove these locks from the door.
Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Locksmiths Padlocks Can Protect Millions of Worth Goods At Your Retail Store

Padlocks are one the oldest devices used for protection of equipment and goods at business sites. With the improvement in technology, padlocks have also been improved in terms of functioning, rigidity, lifetime, mechanism and usage. Visit us to try one of our high tech Locksmith padlocks. Just give it a try and we are sure that you would be forced to buy one. Our padlocks are strong enough to protect millions of worth goods at your business site. You can call us on 503-374-9107 to gain more info.

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