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The need to be cautious is something that is inbuilt to people everywhere which is why a number of people today opt to have an expert assist them with peephole installation. A peephole allows you to see who is at the door without having to open the door. This is a simple but effective way to make sure that you are protected as intruders have been able to gain access to homes when the door is slightly open. Locksmith Hillsboro Oregon can help you with peephole installation and other security options. Contact us today to talk to one of Sally Lock Expresss.

Need some re-keying done? Call our locksmith in Hillsboro Oregon

Sometimes when you move to a new home or area, you may need re-keying services to ensure that your keys are unique. Re-keying is a process of changing the keys for the locks on your home or office and is often done when new tenants move into a home or occupy a new office. Its an important security measure that can protect your business or home. Locksmiths that specialize in re-keying also understand the need to make sure that your property is secure and safe. If you want assistance with re-keying, speak to one of our locksmiths in Hillsboro Oregon today.
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Get your Safes and vaults opened by Sally Lock Express Hillsboro Oregon

Many people today store their valuables in a safe or vault and if they lose their safe keys, they may need help getting safes and vaults opened. Although most people would resort to breaking the safe thus risking whatever valuables are inside, there is a way to access the safe or vault without breaking it. Its always better to work with a professional who knows that they are doing. There are a number of locksmiths that are safe/vault opening professionals and can open your safe and retrieve the valuables inside. Give us a call today on 503-374-9107 to speak to Sally Lock Express Hillsboro Oregon about opening your safe.
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High quality security systems installed by our expert locksmiths

Making sure your property is secure is a no brainer today and installing security systems is one way to ensure that there are auto responders ready to respond to any possible intrusions. Security systems today are quite advanced and finding the right one for your home or office would require the assessment or advice of a security expert. Locksmiths are often overlooked because most people are not aware that we are security experts who understand and can install security systems in addition to their other services. If you need a security system installed, give us a call today and let us install a security system that will keep your property secure.

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