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Patios are some of the areas that are targeted by burglars and criminals who want to access your home. Always ensure you have quality lock system installed on your patios. Sally Lock Express locksmith in Gresham Oregon has different patio door locks that are designed for different applications. If you want an automatic patio lock, we can install it for you. Our aim is to make sure you secure every part of your home whether the doors, garage, windows, or patios. Through our highly skilled and trained locksmith technicians, we make sure all your patio and other home lock systems are repaired and installed properly.

Get timely response with our radio dispatched locksmith services

We all know how important it is to have easy access to your home or office in the first place. However, uncertainties can arise where you lose your keys and remain stranded. At Sally Lock Express Locksmith Gresham Oregon, we take care of the hard work of making sure you gain entry to your home with our radio dispatched locksmith team. Firstly, if you misplace your key, do not break into your door. Secondly, it will cost you a lot to repair. So, just call us and our technicians will be right in your home. Your lock will be unlocked and if you need a replacement of the keys, you get it.

We remove broken keys from your locks

A key that has broken will not open your lock. A key may break outside the lock or it is trapped inside. You can imagine what would happen if the key just broke when you are leaving for work. We know that locksmith services are of emergency in nature. Sally Lock Express in Gresham Oregon team is always on standby to respond to such emergencies. Ready equipped with all tools, they will swiftly rush to your premises and remove broken keys. Since the cost of replacing the entire lock would be high, we can rekey or make a copy of the broken key.

We get safes unlocked immediately

Have you lost your safe key or misplaced it? Don’t panic because all is well with Sally Lock Express in Gresham Oregon. We have been in the business and dealt with big and small issues regarding locking systems. Within a short time, you can be able to access your safe. Our team of technicians is licensed, bonded and insured. With a wealth of knowledge and skill, we able to work on virtually any kind of safe locking system whether the manual or automated. We are constantly updating our products and software technologies to ensure our clients receive unmatchable services. We get those safes unlocked safely without damaging them. Call us now on 503-912-4600.

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