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There are times when you experience problems with your house door keys or car door locks. It is better to have the contacts of a locksmith who will respond to your calls when you most urgently need help. It’s in the middle of the night; you have just arrived at home, and discovered you haven’t carried your house keys with you from work. You have no option than consult an emergency 24/7 service locksmith service, otherwise, you spend the night in cold. We at Sally Lock Express locksmith in Oregon City, no hour of the night is too odd for us. We put our customers first, and any call means we have to act fast.

Prevent future burglary with break-in repairs

One thing that troubles the minds of many homeowners when they are away from home is burglary and break-ins. If you have suffered a break-in, call Sally Lock Express Oregon City Locksmith immediately. We have state-of-the-art locking systems and primed technicians to offer repairs. Do not put the same low quality and improperly secured locks in your home. Our break-in repairs are meant to do away with future problems of burglary in homes. We want to make you feel comfortable when away. With our highly trained technicians, we can handle any kind of break-ins and offer repairs that are satisfactory.

Get your car keys made –

Do you want a spare key for your car? Have you lost your car keys and do not know what next to do? If you find yourself in these or similar situations, you need to act fast and contact Sally Lock Express in Oregon City to help you get the problems fixed. We make your keys within a span of short time and soon you will be back to your normal life. With us, you are also assured that you will drive to work or home a few hours after you have lost your key. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, and the car keys made by us are of highest quality.

Have your cars unlocked by qualified locksmiths

If you have locked your car keys in the car, do not start worrying about how to get them. Do not attempt to meddle with the lock or request another person to help you with his/her keys to try out. This is not advisable. Just call Sally Lock Express in Oregon City technicians and soon they will be at your service. Some locking systems can be complex and if you do not have the right tools, you might not be able to unlock them. Our technicians also get cars unlocked safely without causing any form of dents or scratch marks on your car. Just call us on 503-912-4600 and we will be right there.

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