Sally Lock Express Portland

Mobile Locksmiths

Our business operations are performed with the usage of radio-dispatched vans. These mobile locksmiths vans are located in different areas of the city. It allows us to stay nearby the customer location regardless of where the customer is located. Our staff is able to reach at your location within minimal time frame. Radio dispatched services are hirable 24 hours around the clock. Sally Lock Express allows the customers to make advance booking for a specific day/time. On the other hand, we can deliver the services immediately if you make a request. Our contact number is 503-912-4600 .

24/7 Service Mobile Locksmiths – Because We Care For You

Many people may not need a 24/7 service. But we are providing it because we care for our customers. What happens if you have a car lockout or a door lockout in the late evening or at midnight? You can’t wait till the next day. Special situations demand special services. And we consider our customers needs as special. Our 24/7 service is real. If you call Sally Lock Express at midnight you will have someone listening to you. Soon after, our skilled locksmiths on duty will rush to your place and solve your problem. Trust us for getting the best service.

Why break-in repairs are very important

A break-in is a breach of your security. This breach has to be fixed fast and fixed effectively. Break-in repairs are important because a break-in creates a weakness that has to be rectified. Some people who do break-in repairs just fix the broken parts and go away after collecting their fees. We at Sally Lock Express take break-in problems seriously. Our experts don’t stop with fixing the broken elements. We take special care to strengthen the security by rectifying the weaknesses created by the break-in. Call us for any break-in repairs, if you care about your security. You will get the best service.

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