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If your transponder key stops functioning or is lost, you do not want to wait. Immediately contact Locksmith Portland Oregon. Our technicians will help create another key. We know without your transponder working, you would be unable to use your car. You might not know who has it if it is lost. It could be in the hands of ill intended persons. Working closely with our team will ensure you get your car transponder keys replaced soonest possible. We have latest programming software and our technicians work on different types of vehicles. The moment you find your transponder key not working or missing, don’t hesitate but contact us immediately. Read more.

Take advantage of our vehicle locks

The locking system of your vehicles provides some degree of security in the first place. At times, it may jam and does not open or you lose the keys. We do not want you to get home on a cab or public transport because your vehicle locks jammed at the office parking lot. At Portland locksmith services, you are assured that your vehicle locks will always work properly. We also repair jammed and nonfunctioning car locks. Our team has an extensive knowledge on car locks of different car models and makes. We simply make every aspect of your car locking system as convenient and secure as possible.

Safeguard your home with our window locks locksmiths

Some homeowners do not put a lot of emphasize on the locking systems on their windows. However, what they fail to understand is that windows are among the targeted access points to your house by burglars. Windows that are not sufficiently locked or they are left unlocked risk your home being accessed by criminals. Sally Lock Expressknows how important it is to keep your windows safe with the best locking system. We fit insurance approved locks and repair damaged locking systems. Our window locking systems are secure and sourced from reputable brands. So, if your locking system is not working, just call us now!

Our locksmith work weekends

Locksmith services are some of the most sought-after services by homeowners and businesses. Lock and key problems can arise when you least expect. It can happen at night when you are in your home or weekends when most locksmith offices are closed. However, Sally Lock Expressextends its services to include work weekends. If you arrive home on Saturday evening after having fun moments at the nearby entertainment spot, and find that you lost or misplaced the keys, do not struggle to attempt breaking in. Calm down and immediately call us on 503-912-4600. We are there for you and will also quickly arrive at your home ready to unlock the door.

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