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To stay alert for 24/7 service is our responsibility and we love to help people. Locksmith Wilsonville Oregon is always ready to deliver the best service to the people who call us for their need. We are fully equipped with high quality tools, equipment and skilled partners. Car Locksmith Portland allows us to provide our service in emergencies. We are fully trained to handle all situations. About our services, attend our seminar, which we are going to organize next week. Our website is also a source from where you can get knowledge about our services. For registering your name to attend the seminar, call at 503-374-9107.

Commercial Areas Master Key System By Locksmith in Wilsonville Oregon

The Master key system is the best to maintain administrative authority for the security of hotels and rest houses. It is the one key solution for all door locks. This system has a separate key for the client and one master key to the manager. In case of emergency, authorized person can open the door by using the master key. Sally Lock Express in Wilsonville Oregon is experienced in identifying the need for a security system along with can help to allocate the areas where the master key locking system has to install. For getting the more details, you can call us for more information and our technical help as well.

Do not throw away old Padlocks: message by locksmith Wilsonville Oregon

Old is gold! Do not throw away the old padlocks you have in your house. They will be as useful as they were in good condition. Contact us, we will pick all locks from your home and refurbished it and return it back. You will be surprised to see the padlocks after servicing. We will remove all the rusty parts as well as dead bolts, lubricate it and re-key if necessity required. We can also provide you with the extra keys copied on our copier. For our service just call Sally Lock Express Wilsonville Oregon and our representative will be at your service.
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Locksmiths to install radio-dispatched system in your car

We are skilled to provide you any kind of services related to locking system. We recommend you to install a radio-dispatched system in your car. The system is a security gadget linked with GPRS. If it’s stolen, it will send the signal to the receiver and it will help in deciding the location of your car. Installation is also not a problem. We will send our locksmith worker who will install the security system in your car. We can also help you to choose a security system as we are the best security provider in the market. If you are interested to avail our offer, call our service center and leave message with contact details.

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